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Destination NAT – DNAT in Palo Alto Networks Firewall

In this article, we will configure Destination NAT in Palo Alto Networks Firewall. Destination NAT is usually configured to translate the public IP Address to the Private IP Address. Here, we will access an internal Linux server using…

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What is Network Address Translation | Different types of NAT


In this article, we will discuss the NAT (Network Address Translation). Before continuing, I recommend you to read my Public and Private IP address article. NAT is also known as IP masquerading.┬áLet’s continue! Why we need NAT? NAT…

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SNAT vs DNAT | Source NAT vs Destination NAT


In this article, we will discuss SNAT (Source NAT) and DNAT (Destination NAT). Both terminologies are related to NAT (Network Address Translation). Before continue, I recommend, please take a look at Network Address Translation. Source NAT (SNAT) SNAT…

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