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Fortinet NSE2 Certification

Hey, if you are learning or you are interested to learn Fortinet FortiGate firewall, you might want to complete some certifications associated with it. So, Today, In this article, we will discuss, Fortinet NSE2 (Network Security Expert) Level 2 certification. It is a free certification and can be done without any partner support. So, let’s start!

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Fortinet NSE2 (Network Security Expert) Level 2 Certification:

Network Security Expert Level 2 certification can be done on Fortinet Training Portal. Simply, you have to signup there. If you are working in a company who is parter of Fortinet you can use your official mail id to sign up, otherwise, simply sign up using your mail ID.

After, sign up, please log in to Fortinet Training Portal using your credentials.

NSE2 certification is about The Evolution of Cybersecurity. It has twelve different lessons and has associated quizzes with each Lesson. Below, is each lesson topics:

  1. Cloud Security
  2. SD-WAN
  3. Endpoint
  4. Threat Intelligence Services
  5. Firewall
  6. Network Access Control
  7. Sandbox
  8. Secure Email Gateway
  9. Security Information & Event Management
  10. Web Application Firewall
  11. Web Filter
  12. Wi-Fi

You can take any number of times quiz but you must get 80% marks in order to pass the quiz.

After the successful completion of the quiz, you have to participate in the feedback form. After the feedback, you will receive your NSE2 Certificate.


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In this article, we have discussed the Fortinet NSE2 (Network Security Expert) Level 2 certification. You have to attempt the quiz’s associated with every lesson. You can attempt each quiz number of times, but you must have to get a minimum of 80% marks to pass the quiz.

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  1. Hello,
    I’ve completed all the lessons with associated quiz (with score >=80%) and completed the feedback form.

    But I received a course completation certificate and not the NSE2 certification.

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