What is my Public IPv4 Address

A public IP Address is a unique IP address that is assigned to your machine. It is assigned by ISP (Internet Service Provider). You need to pay the charges for this. Your Public IP Address and Country are given below:

  • Your Public IP →
  • Your Country → 

Private IP Address, however, visible only to you and your network, i.e. LAN.

By default, your public IP address is visible to all services such as web browsing, downloading, uploading, etc. However, you can hide it using some free and paid methods.

Why do we need to Hide Public IP Addresses?

There are several reasons to hide your public IP Address.

  • To avoid Bans and access Blacklisted websites.
  • To hide the geographical location.
  • Avoid web tracking.

How to Hide Public IP Address

There are several ways to hide your public IP Address.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Free & Paid
  • Tor Browser – Free, Open Source
  • Proxy – Free and Paid

How to change your Public IP Address

Well, you can temporarily change your IP address using the below methods:

  • By changing the Internet Service Provider.
  • By connecting with a different network such as public Wi-Fi at Railway stations, coffee shops, etc.

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