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How to Configure DHCP Relay on Palo Alto Firewall


In this article, we will configure DHCP Relay on Palo Alto Networks Firewall. DHCP Relay helps the DHCP Client to reach DHCP Server configured on a different network. Both DHCP Request and DHCP Reply messages will be passed…

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How to configure Palo Alto Networks Firewall as a DHCP Server


In this article, we will configure DHCP on the Palo Alto Next-Generation firewall. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP works on UDP Port 67/68. Basically, DHCP used to provide automatic IP addresses to the connected Hosts….

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DORA Process in DHCP – Explained in detail


DORA is a process used by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). DHCP is used for providing an automatic IP address to Hosts that want to connect to a network. In this article, we will discuss the DORA process…

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