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Static Routing : Everything you need to know


Static Routing is the routing process in which network administrators manually configure static routes on routers. Unlike dynamic routing, in static routing, a configured network route does not change with the change in the network. Further, in this…

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IPv4 : Different Classes and Address


IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4), is the 4th version of Internet Protocol. We have a large number of addresses in IPv4. In this article, we will discuss various classes defined in IPv4. History of IPv4 At the beginning…

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IPv4 : Private and Public IP Address


In this article, we will go throw Private and Public IP addresses in IPv4. Both, have their different usages. After reading, this article you will understand their different usages, address spaces, VPNs, Reversed IP addresses. What is a…

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IPv4 : Internet Protocol Version 4 (Explained with Header)


IPv4 stands for Internet Protocol version 4. It is the 4th version of Internet Protocol and widely used protocol in communication over different types of network. It is discovered by DARPA and defined in RFC 760. In this…

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What is the difference between TCP/IP and OSI Model


Hey friends, in this article we will discuss two famous network reference models. First is the OSI Model and the other one is TCP/IP Model. Both models, play a vital role in understanding data flow between various networking…

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What is Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Model ?


TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is defined in RFC1122.¬† In this following article, we will discuss TCP/IP in more detail. History of TCP/IP TCP/IP is a reference model which helps us to understand…

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What is OSI Model ?

OSI Model in Networking

In this article, we will discuss the OSI (Open System Interconnection), Model. It is a reference model which is design to understand large and complex network architecture in a simple layered approach. OSI model itself does not have…

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What is User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ?


UDP stands for User Datagram¬†protocol. It is also a transport layer protocol. The protocol number of UDP protocol is 17. In this article, we will discuss features of User Datagram protocol. What is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)?…

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Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)


TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. It is a Transport layer protocol. The protocol number of TCP is 6. In the following article, we will discuss many features of TCP. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, which means a…

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Difference between TCP and UDP ?


Hello guys, in this article we will discuss various differences between Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram (UDP) protocol. Some Common Things in Both TCP and UDP Although, TCP and UDP are different protocols but they have…

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